Simply beautiful
user-friendly websites
If you need an online presents
and don't know where to start...
Why would you need my help?
You need an online presence.
However, a custom-designed website from a website design company is complicated and expensive.

You want to start an online business or present yourself as a professional but don't know where to start.
You need a simple and beautiful website or a landing page that you
would be able to change and edit yourself.
If you are not sure what kind of website you want, I will guide you through a set of questions which which will help us understand how to get the most from your idea, brand, or business and present it in an attractive way.
Who are my clients
EXPERTS: psychologists, coaches, photographers, wellness and health professionals
SMALL BUSINESSES: yoga/dance/kids studios, local cafes and food businesses.
ONLINE SHCOOLS: whatever you can teach - start teaching online and I will help you to build it!
How long does it take
1 day
to analyse your situation and come up with ideas
2 days
to make a simple landing page (after you've agreed the design concept and content)
3 weeks
For a more complex website with several pages (after approving idea)
About myself
Hi, I'm Inessa Hartmann, copywriter and digital marketer. I specialise in helping experts and self-employed business people create websites showcasing their work in a beautiful, professional and user-friendly way.

I also help small businesses and start-ups to put together products they can sell and/or provide online.

I work in English, Czech, Slovak, Russian and Ukrainian languages.
Why does your website need to be clean and easy and only include the minimum of information? Because around 90% of people will be looking at your website on their smartphones. That means a lot of scrolling, so your website needs to instantly provide your visitors with the information they need the most. This ensures it's easy for them to read and to take action - this is what user-friendly means nowadays.
Landing page, promo site or a business-card website

  • Included: One web-page of up to 8 screens in length
  • Timescale: 2 weeks from approving the design brief
  • Post-delivery support: Up to 2 changes in design
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  • Included: Up to 8 separate webpages
  • Timescale: 3 weeks from approving the design brief
  • Post-delivery support: Up to 2 changes in design
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Online shop
from €500
Included: Up to 10 separate webpages and 5000 products
  • Timescale: 6 weeks from approving the design brief
  • Post-delivery support: Up to 1 change in design
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