Websites and landing pages that
show your Big Idea and soul of your business!
fitting room
Hello, my name is Inessa
I help experts and small businesses
to pack their experience and services
into beautiful and memorable websites
You are at the right place if:
You need an online presence.
However, a custom-designed website from a website design company is complicated and expensive.
Not sure how to explain?
You want your website or landing page to be remembered and interesting, but at the same time to sell well.

Online presence
You get lost in the variety of styles and visuals and would rather have someone give you advice on what is right for you.
You want to start an online business or present yourself as a professional but don't know where to start.
What to choose?
And yes, it does not have to be in a super modern design, it should be in tune with you, your business and convey your Big idea.
Not black please!
Developed a user-friendly design in which users can look at previous work (cakes, pastries, etc.) and order a similar version with their own input.
Website for local confectioner
Helped to make a text more accurate from copywriting point of view. Made design and landing page from scratch.
Lading page for transformation games
In the introductory session, we identified the strengths of the agency and chose a design that fit with the already developed logo.
Website for Advertising agency
Some of my works
Website for decorator
Delicate design to convey holiday decor options for different occasions, with the option to order similar or specific items.
Laconic, clean and warm style, where there is a lot of air to show how much air the therapist gives in his work with the client.
Website for psychoanalyst
The task was to create a website "business card", which would be clear about the direction, mood and services of the therapist.
Website for psychotherapist
Together we developed several landing pages for online courses : "Thank you very much for your cooperation. You are on top as always."
Landing page for nutritionist
Some of my works
Website for psychoanalyst
To show the scope of knowledge and work of the famous Ukrainian psychoanalyst, we chose a strict design and the ability to easily add articles and scientific publications.
When you choose a dress
Why Fitting Room!?
*guess what? The site is the same story!
you probably want it to be not just stylish,
but to fit you the best!
Strategic session
At an online meeting, I find out the features of your expertise / business, highlight your uniqueness, style and target audience.
the fitting
Choice of sample designs
Together we choose styles of website design that we like and dislike in order to find the one that will suit you.
Development of your design
The site is executed on a super modern platform-constructor Tilda, where I can make a design of any complexity, including animation.
Over the long years of working in advertising and copywriting, I have always wanted to not only invent words, but also their visual embodiment.

Therefore, courses on design then followed and the study of different platforms for website layout.

Now my dream —a stylish website without the involvement of programmers — is my job.
One-page website or landing page

Development and assembly of design on one of the web platforms
up to 10 individual pages
up to 5000 items

* Up to 6 weeks
* Up to 1 design change
at the development stage.

Development and assembly of design on one of the web platforms
up to 6 individual pages

* Up to 3 weeks
* Up to 2 design changes
at the development stage.

Development and assembly of design on one of the web platforms
up to 10 screens

* Up to 2 weeks
* Up to 2 design changes
at the development stage.
Multi-page website
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